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Meet Sarah Westcott


"We can do anything we want with our time and money. We just can’t do everything. Choose intentionally” 

Sarah Westcott, Wealth Coach

Sarah Westcott has been empowering smart, successful professionals to live a life they love, without sacrificing lifestyle, since 2006. Having experienced her own personal rags-to-riches story while supporting a family business from the ground up, Sarah understands the unique challenges of entrepreneurs, high-income earners, and other impatiently ambitious professionals who want it all, and want it all now!  With grace, humor, compassion, and good-old-fashioned accountability, she helps her clients sort through the abundance of lifestyle choices to identify their most authentic priorities for life, and lifestyle, fully funded. 

Sarah is a gifted and passionate speaker, author, and coach on topics ranging from business and personal finance to professional networking. From her home base in Savannah, GA, she's served in leadership for several local and national networking, civic, and faith-based organizations, sung on her church praise team, and successfully homeschooled four amazing young humans into early adulthood. She's also proud to be a founding member and leader of the international financial coaching mastermind group Coach Connections

and a preferred coach through The Accountable Network


When she isn’t working, Sarah enjoys hiking, kayaking, music performance, travel, and (because she’s an introvert at heart) solitude. She's perhaps best known in her inner circle for the attitude with which she approaches every aspect of her life journey, summed up in her personal mantra "Choose Joy!"

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