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Sarah Westcott
"Live a life you love, fully funded."

The Signature CFO Experience


Discover the Power

to Actually live the life and lifestyle you've worked so hard to create,

without financial stress and overwhelm 

You have lifestyle. You have choices. You can do anything you want. But you feel like you're spinning your wheels.

 "We make great money, where does it all go?" you ask.  "We've worked too hard to still be working this hard!"

I help smart, successful-yet-frustrated  professionals live a life, and a lifestyle, they love, without financial stress and overwhelm. 


That's life, fully funded.

“You can do anything you want with your time and money, You just can’t do everything

Live Intentionally” 

"We're so excited! We have never been so well funded in our lives! This was only possible because of how you have worked with us. I know we did the work but we would have done that anyways. You helped support and encourage us as we have worked to make behavior changes. Thank you!!!" A&J on the rebuilding of their life and lifestyle after a business crisis.

“Melanie and I LITERALLY could not have done this without you. We are eternally grateful for your guidance, coaching, and cheerleading. You rock Sarah!!!!”  Brian and Melanie, at their debt-free celebration, having paid off $50,698.27 in 23 months.

"Sarah, we're going to have a big medical bill <from unexpected labor and delivery ICU complications> when this is all over, but more than anything, we've not been worrying about any of it. R even had a nail in his car tire this week, but even that wasn't a crisis because we have it covered with emergency funds. We've got so much peace because we've been working with you this past year, and we know we have a plan. Thank you so much!" R&T, who called from the hospital with their updates.

Coaching Services

Sarah Westcott Personal CFO provides expert financial coaching and educational services to individuals and businesses in Savannah, GA, throughout the United States and internationally.  We help our clients gain clarity with their financial priorities, eliminate stress and overwhelm around money, and ultimately give you the power to *actually live* the life and lifestyle you've worked so hard to create.

Live a life you truly love, fully funded.

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